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About Us

LivingLaVidaMama group photo.jpg
Executive Board

President:  Angela Lin

VP Membership: Megan Rodgers

VP New Members:  Norma Salazar

VP Programs:  Jessie O'Bryan, Judy Craig

Treasurer: Shirley Kim

ParliamentarianAudrey Barker

Webmaster: Lorrie Seigel

Communications:  Lorrie Seigel

State/National Rep:  Lorrie Seigel

MMM was founded in 1988 for mothers of multiple birth children (twins, triplets, and more!). We offer philanthropic support to members in need, as well as to community organizations.  

The purpose of MMM is for mothers of multiple birth children to meet, share experiences, discuss problems, and assist in whatever way deemed necessary in the care and raising of multiple birth children.  

To join MMM, you must be a parent, primary caregiver, or expectant parent of twins, triplets or more.  The majority of our members reside in central Orange County, CA., where most of our meetings and events take place. 



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